by Hipskör

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No one can compete with this man, Human dynamite with genius ideas, Boom boom boom boom everytime, Behold for explosive movies, « I can destroy what I want, I know that I rape the Seventh Art, I would like to stop but I can't, People wanted more and I like that » « The storyline is just a detail, No need to write cause I have fire, Godard, Truffaut burn in Hell! I rape again with iron monsters! » Optimus prime is a dollars machine, Other Blockbusters can falling down, If you think that I can be defeat Look at me and take a look around Actor - trifling Monster – main part Film set – trivial Fire – main part Actress – Gorgeous Boom boom – main part Story – useless Explosions everywhere and everytime Here comes the master of boom in the night MEGAN FOX BRUCE WILLIS EXPLOSIONS BADABOOM I know that's too late but I sold my soul, I create Turkeys for the devil, I swim everyday in MONEY MONEY! Call me Michael FUCKING BAY! » « Among the directors I'm the bad boy, I use my camera like a toy, My car chases are the fucking best ones! Luc Besson can return to his mom
Hey madafackaz, We’re back to kick your asses Are you ready to take our Kamehameha Right in your fucking faces ? No need to find the seven crystal balls To kick the ass of Red Ruban army Now we are playing with my rules I become super saiyan one, two, THREE! My breakfast will be Freezer and his sluts I will roll on them like a monster truck I laugh in the face of Cell and his dwarfs Because our powers will never take the same path (x2) Do you feel the saiyan? (x4) (R) Buu, you’re a tiny fucking gum Kakarotto has always won I don’t need POTALAS I will destroy you with my Genkidama I know your name feeble Broly I come from the inkwell you come from the TV Don’t touch my page small excretion You feel my rage and your sordid creation
Hey yo, who’s ready for the next fight? A strong deadly lullaby Falcon punch from the sky Let’s get ready to rumble Guess who’s back on the battlefield? Jiggly - Jigglypuff break ya shield! No matter you move, no matter you dash You gonna get my Supa Smash! I'll drive you out without explanation The grave’s gonna be your final destination Shut up, You get boring! I’m falling asleep on your head and you get outta da ring Pride until the event 51 Gather up the courage and punch them out You’re just as scary as a bubble gum Look under my boot, say « Hello mum » One punch, one kill, Kiss my pec, Falcon’s skill You’re less strong than jawbreaker Craig asked me what’s your flava ? I’m buff, you’re fat Kiss my butt, I wipe you out Among the stage, step by step, never think to falling down Come to me, poor birdbrain, show me that you’re not a clown Close to you, with patience, ruling out the obstacles You’re too proud, little thing, puppet of my spectacles. I’m getting close (x2) Now Face to Face YOU CAN’T IGNORE ME It’s state of grace JUST SEE MY FURY Deep inside your head AND IN MY ARENA You will know my name AND WEAKNESS OF GIGA Crush them all with no respect Already said that in Save the Snails (FUCK!) Fuck you mom, Fuck your Dad, Fuck you all and SUCK MY STYLE!
Im’ the Lizard King! I scare the crap outta everyone I am the most famous one But do you know my deepest secret? If I'd tell you would you keep it? My arms are too short to jerk-off, Everybody’s laughing IN MY BACK! I can't support every smile on their faces, That’s why I eat them all ROAR! I can't run I walk everytime in distress, Nobody wanna talk I'm victim of badness People avoid me but I just want to speak About my trouble to rub my stick Your name is Turock and I am a T-Rex You kill dinosaurs and I eat human race You can masturbate and I can't masturbate My dick is your arm and my arm is your dick I just want to masturbate Nothing less, nothing more, I just want to be liberated, Flood the cretaceous floor You’re a dino-SOAR! What do you say? ROAR! Everytime you ROAR! Fucking dino-SOAR! Alone on this island I walk on three legs I CAN'T RUN! FUCKING RUN! I once saw a lonesome man in this place Maybe he can help me! I’d rather die than give you a fucking hand job!


released September 21, 2018

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Valentin Béru
Samples by Ferd: spoti.fi/2IYUgFd
Artwork by Gabriel Auffret
All Songs are written and composed by Hipskör


all rights reserved



Hipskör Rennes, France

Créé en l’an 3000, Hipskör est un cocktail de saveurs : prenez une grosse base hardcore/metal, saupoudrez délicatement de punk rock, un zeste de rap, puis recouvrez le tout d’un beau et gros glaçage de samples electro et BOOM ! Voilà un mix parfait de ce qu’est le style hipskörien. ... more

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